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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  April 30, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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we're hearing that the bay a boy wounded in that attack back home tonight. aaron hern of martinez is recoverg from a severe shrapnel woun the leg. the woman accused of planting tainted drinks at n jose starbucks store is facg charges of poisoning and attempted murder. the bizzare case centers on 50-year old ramineh behbeha (rah-meh-nay beh-beh-hah-nee-ahn) it was customers at the starbucks store on snell av who say they saw her pull t bottles of juice from a bag place them in a cooler. a license plate number led to san jose woman-- who police planned the crime. "she actually had a starbuc bag which in my mind tells that she had planned this o. she actually brought the ba with her probably to conceae fact that she had something inside of it that was dange " the fire department tested e bottles and found lethal
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amounts of rubbing alcohol. police say it appears she a alone. they don't believe there is a wider threat to e public. no mistaking it - even at 5 o'clock in the evening.... warm weather has set up sho the bay area... and with it windy conditions. and meteorologist paul deanno tells us... it s with an increase in fire da. paul. ((paul mobile wx)) ((paul ts to don ford's pkg)) the red flag warning poses a big challenge for the contra coa county fire district after recent
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neighborhood anytime on kpix dot-com. other bay area headlines... all lanes of northbound i-2 are now open following a de crash near daly city this morning. the driver of an s-u-v was killed after he swerved, and flipped several times. there were no other injuries. an elderly man is in critic condition after being attacd following a fender-bender ia
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san francisco parking lot. e assault happened yesterday evening in the bayview, near third street and wallace av. after the accident the suspt punched the 74-year old in the face...causing him to land his head. witnesses say the suspect fled the scene in a black car. a court hearing was held today... to set a sentencing date for a former santa cla county supervisor. george shirakawa resigned from offe last month... and as part oa plea agreement... admitted misusing public funds and campaign donations. he wille sentenced on june 7-th. a few years ago - he was paf an oakland raiders scandal. tonight - he has a scandal l oakland raiders scandal. tot - he has a scandal all his what a former oakland raide coach has been convicted of doing on the central coast. and just like that - our sor system has a new mega storm. where this monster is churng
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away - at about 330 miles p hour. a northern california community is trying to come, of an 8-year-old girl... ale while living in fear of a kr l on the loose. a northern california
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community is trying to come to terms with the shocking murder of an 8-year-old girl. all the while living in fear that a killer is still on the lose. kpxi's mark sayer is live where a vigil is planned for leyla fowler. >> reporter: behind me as you can see, investigators have begun interviewing sexual predators in the area. but the school prepares for a memorial service tonight. at jennie lind elementary school parents pour in to pick up their children. brandy mar is picking up her son elliot. >> we're also scared because we don't know if it's someone from
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here in the community or a stranger that came up from out of town. >> reporter: a sign made up of pink ribbon honors leyla. vicki nordicke is the parent of a student here. >> leyla's favorite colors were purple and pink. we're wearing those colors to support her and her family. >> reporter: a memorial service will be held in leyla's honor. it is important for the healing of the school and the larger community. >> hopefully tonight it'll bring some closure to us. i think that will bring true closure but we're really starting to heal. and i think tonight will be part of the healing process. >> reporter: this case has shaken the sense of safety and security. >> a lot of times we don't lock our doors at night. now i locked myself out of the house the other day because i've got everything locked up
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so tight. >> reporter: the calaveras sheriff department has not provided an official update on the status of the investigation. in a news conference last night they did did indicate that this murder was intentional. it was not something as a result of a robbery gone bad or other crime. that is where the investigation stands at this point. investigators are working around the clock. people really scared in this remote community. >> i'm sure, mark i know for leyla's family it's been so emotional. they haven't been public enough to speak. are they expected at this vigil tonight. >> they are expected at the vigil. we spoke to the principal about the vigil, she said the parents were going to be there. they're not planning on speaking. they're going to ask a pastor from a local church to speak on their behalf. she could not say defentive for sure if they would be talking or not talking but they're very much expected at that memorial.
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it begins at 7:30. >> very understandable if they don't speak. a former oakland raiders coach has been found tkp-lt of battery. randy hanson the same coach involved with raiders head coach tom cable was charge with striking a man in the face with a beer bottle at a bar last summer. the victim says hanson was passed out in a limo and when he tried to move him hanson attacked. he was working as a coach in cal poly and could spend up to four years in state prison. >> i kind of sufficed that it was hanging on a raft with no security. >> that might be a problem right there. the latest trouble with gift cards and why a simple solution is such a hard sell for retailers. >> and who knew a bag of chips could pack such a punch. how caffeine is sneaking into your food and the efforts to keep it out. >> good evening to you. meteorologist paul diano where
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things have gone from brown in a very short order. we'll talk about our increased fire danger. and when folks will make it into the mid- to upper 90s. your very hot forecast coming up next. ,,
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president obama walked into white house press room toda 100 days into his second te told reporters he
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no topics were off limits when president obama walked into the white house press room. 100 days into his second term he told reporters he still has a political clout to get things done in washington. he seemed cautiously hopeful about a potentially fiscal plan. but he emphasized it's the lawmakers to make one. >> that's their job, their elected, members of congress are elected in order to do what's right for their constituents. you have heard it before when you buy a gift card make sure it hasn't been tampered with and keep that activation
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receipt. on the consumer watch, julie watts tells us that is no longer enough. crooks have figured out a new scam that can leave you with a worthless gift card. >> there's a big deck of cards there and we just pulled one off the shelf and went to the cashier and paid for. >> reporter: martin did exactly what he is supposed to do when buying a gift card. make sure the silver box on the back has not been tampered with. >> that's when i realized the numbers were missing. >> reporter: the numbers that are supposed to be underneath the security panel weren't. when he scratched it off there was nothing there. the card is now in the hands of foster city police. >> this card was likely in the store for a period of time. stolen compromised and then placed back in the store by the unknown suspect. >> reporter: captain joe pariuchi says that it's a new
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type of card. you have no way to know it's been tampered with. as soon as you activate it they spend the money via mobile app or online. >> attention service desk. >> reporter: in the marvins case it was a gift card purchased at safeway. they say there's no way to track who used it so law enforcement is calling for change. >> we would love the retail stores to remove the cards from public access. put them behind the counters some where only store employees handle them so they don't get tampered. >> when my wife and i bought the card i was surprised it was just hanging there on a rack with no security. >> reporter: they do not intend to secure the gift cards, because customers enjoy browsing the crowds. both safe way and target refused to replace the martin's
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card even though they had their activation receipt. call it a superstorm on steroids. nasa's spacecraft released stunning images today of a massive storm on saturn's north pole. the vortex of the spiraling clouds created an eye 20 times larger than the average hurricane here on earth. saturn is currently on its closest angle to earth in years but it'll take a lot more than the neighborhood eye to view the storm. >> that's one they don't have to forecast. but mariano next with our forecast and the fire danger. >> we're keeping the forecast here on earth, specifically the bay area and east bay hills under a red flag warning for
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tonight and most of tomorrow. actually this problem with our high fire danger began in november and december when we got so much rain. that promoted so much growth in the hills. now all of that green that grew all spring long has really turned brown over the next couple of weeks. this little area that we're in here it's kind of a microcosm of what's going on for mount diablo. when you factor in extra fire danger like low humidity and high wind. you've got a big problem. so we're talking about that coming up over the next 24 hours. high fire danger and red flag warning in effect. here's how dry we've been. we're talking rainfall percentages for the year well below 30%. san francisco sitting at 24%, san jose 23. and livermore 21%. well below normal. live look outside from our dublin cam. you see a lot more brown than you did a couple of weeks ago. here's our satellite imagery showing you a huge ridge of
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high pressure. give us that offshore east to northeast wind that drops the humidity and really shooting up the temperature. the heat begins tomorrow as high pressure begins to build to the north and all of us get that north to northeast wind. that offshore wind, record highs are likely with the two hottest days which will likely be thursday and friday. when high pressure is at its strongest and the offshore wind will also be at it strongest. here's what to expect. it'll be breezy tomorrow. it'll be hotter tomorrow, you will notice the increase especially in the afternoon. record highs are likely. on both thursday and friday especially friday. if it's simply too hot too early, it's coming, you have to be patient. a much bigger dip of that cooler weather will be here coming up on sunday and monday of next week. high temperatures tomorrow. warm, mid- to upper 80s. san m ateo you will hit 79.
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pleasanton your high 86. sunshine, very dry, breezy too. berkeley you will hit 79. another warm one 75 degrees. here is your extended forecast. your seven day forecast we'll be in the 90s away from the coast. near the bay including san francisco hello 80s, thursday, friday and saturday: even at the coast mid- to upper 70s for highs. as we head toward sunday a little bit of cooling but look at the change for the top of next week. 75 inland on monday and highs back down to the 60s with morning fog near the baby bay -- near the bay, by the top of the week. today i'm using the weather sensors to look at humidity, high fire danger happens when relative humidity drops below 20%. we're already there and it's going to drop even more. 60% out here in the foothills.
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and 5% relative humidity. fire dangers are high and the temperatures are going higher by the end of the day. back to you in the studio. >> paul, thank you. in an effort to kick the caffeine you gave up coffee. that's just great. but now you need to check your food. the unlikely places you're still getting a caffeine kick. >> but first, here's a look at your new eastern span of the bay bridge. look at them kids. [ sigh ] they have no idea what it was like before u-verse high speed internet.
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food companies are now addi the popular stimulant to sof
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our favorite snack foods. b the f-d-a may soon kick bac need a caffeine fix? well, there's coffee - - when we consider caffeine as a drug and its benefits and problems, i would liken that almost to alcohol. if somebody has one glass of wine a day we know it has health benefits. wine isn't put into many products. >> but increasingly caffeine.
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from potato chips to jelly beans, even cracker jacks. one bay area expert questions the effort. >> caffeine has been studied. we know wait does pretty well. >> this doctor warns how effective the fda's plan will be in a culture that's already a wash in cola and frappuchinnos. unlike alcohol in healthy adults, calf teen has no long- term health effects. >> makes for more mental alertness. we understand that. >> they warn that too much calf teen can be dangerous for -- caffeine can be dangerous. >> nearly 80% of children consume caffeine on a regular
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basis. the fda approved the use of cola in the 1950s. we'll be right back. ,, female narrator: female narrator: for over 60,000 california foster children for over 60,000 california a pair of shoes is a small but important gift. my shoes have a hole in them. i can barely fit in these anymore. i hope no one would notice. they hurt my feet. i never had new shoes before. to help, sleep train is collecting new shoes of all sizes. bring your gift to any sleep train, and they'll be given to a local foster child in need. not everyone can be a foster parent... but anyone can help a foster child.
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rethink possible. slumber party last night. students are chronically ab from school. the numbers are staggering. and it's not ju kids skipping class. kpix-5 ned: the trouble new at 6:00, how many students are chronically absent from school? it is not just kids skipping class. kpix has learned the trouble with truancy in the bay area is only the slice of much bigger schools. that and much more, coming up.
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>> thank you so much for watching. the cbs evening news with scott pelly is up next. john miller has his harrowing story in the first television interview. bill plante breaks news asking the president about the growing hunger strike at guantanamo bay. >> it is a recruitment tool for extremists. it needs to be closed. >> pelley: a new survey finds a major change in housing prices coast to coast. carter evans has the numbers. and he was the first american to climb everest. >> i was just a frail human being. we were just hanging on to life. you're in the death zone. if you don't get down, you die. >> reporter: chip reid tells us at 84 jim whitaker hasn't lost his st


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